Gray Hairstreak (Strymon melinus)

Gray Hairstreak ( Strymon melinus )

Kazabazua, QC 2011/06/06

Gray Hairstreak ( Strymon melinus )

Algonquin Provincial Park, ON 2012/05/19

Gray Hairstreak ( Strymon melinus )

Matachewan, ON 2014/06/01

Gray Hairstreak ( Strymon melinus )

Point Pelee National Park, ON 2012/08/23

Member of Family: Lycaenidae

French common name: Porte-queue gris

In Ontario, this species seems to exist as both a resident (northern) population and an immigrant (southern) population. The larvae of the northern population appear to feed exclusively on sweetfern, while the larvae of the southern migrants feed on a number of plants ( legumes ). The adults of the two populations are visually indistinguishable. Further research is required to determine if they are separate species.

Most of those reported in the Maritimes appear to be of the resident type.

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